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We at Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Harbor City are an industry leader for garage door parts installation and repair service. We have the experience as well as the talent, tools, and parts that you need in order to have your repair or installation done right the first time. We have garage door opener parts, garage door tracks, garage door cables, and any other garage door parts you can name all here so your garage door can be up and running quickly. We're always open to help at (562) 452-1193

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* Emergency Garage Door Repairs

* Commercial Roll Up Doors

* New Garage Doors

* Garage Door Springs

* Garage Door Openers

* Garage Door Parts Service

* Wood Garage Doors

* Garage Door Off-Track

* Glass Garage Doors

* Gate Motors

* Gates/ Fences

* Promotions

Available 24/7, nights, weekends, and holidays! Contact our team now for garage door repairs and installations!

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Garage Door Keypads

Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Harbor City carry all brands of garage door keypads. We have excellent prices on installing/programming all garage door keypads in the city of Harbor City.


Spare Garage Door Parts, Anyone?

We are stocked with all brands, styles and garage door parts that any home or business owner my find themselves in need of. Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Harbor City is focused on insuring that when you are in need or garage door repairs, we have the parts to fix your garage door. Our garage door repair technicians can fix any problem, anytime, and any garage door parts that break. They are experienced and are waiting to service you.

In a hurry? No problem. We can come out for a service call within minutes of your call guaranteed. No matter what garage door parts you may be seeking or what garage door repairs you find yourself needing, we are ready in a moment’s notice for you. Our experienced technicians are hardworking and have years of practice, and they say that makes perfect! Which goes too show you who your perfect choice is!

Call us now at (562) 452-1193 for garage door parts installation, set-up, replacement or repair!

We have what you need

If your garage door is in need of any garage door parts, then you need to call us! We can come out for a service call and assess your needs. Whether you need a simple garage door repair or a full garage door replacement, we can service your needs in no time. If you are in need of garage door opener parts, we have those as well. We cover everything that you need for a garage door and more!

Need maintenance for your garage door parts? We have it covered. At Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Harbor City, we have serviced everything from garage door spring repair, commercial doors, garage door sensor, garage door panels, garage door bottom seal, modern garage doors, garage door window inserts, and more. So call us at (562) 452-1193 and we will be there for you within an hour!