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A broken spring on a garage door or gate is dangerous. Springs play an important roll in making your garage door move. No matter if your residential or commercial garage door works on a torsion spring or extension spring system, Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Harbor City CA have the top grade springs replacement services at the most affordable prices.



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Torsion Spring System


Attached above the inside of a garage door. Torsion springs work on a wounding system. We have excellent prices to replace all size torsion springs. Contact us for a same-day repair.
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Extension Spring System

Extension springs sit on the upper tracks on both sides of a garage door. Extension springs are stretched when the garage door moves. We have excellent prices to replace all size extension springs.


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Garage Door Spring Repair, Harbor City

The biggest issue with garage doors is that the garage door springs naturally wear out or tear. This is due too the continual and daily use of your garage door. After a while, your garage door spring will lose the pressure built up after the constant stretching and squeezing of opening and closing the door causes. When this happens, it makes it hard to open and to close your garage door, the more worn your garage door spring is, the harder it will be.

The good news is, most springs last several years. A spring installed in your home will also last for a longer amount of time than one that is installed for a commercial or industrial building as they have a increased weight overall as well as a higher tension on the garage door spring.

If you are struggling opening your garage door, or if you think it is time to replace your garage door springs, contact us today and we can come the same day! Call (562) 452-1193.

Our service includes a full spring system services.


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